Travelling from Athens to Mykonos by Ferry: The Lowdown!

When you head to Athens you may also want to visit the island of Mykonos.  One option: take a KTEL bus from Aigyptous Square to Rafina port, about 22 miles north of the city. Or you could take a 45-minute taxi ride from the city center to the port.

Fast Ferry to Mykonos
The Fast Ferry docked at Rafina port, about 22 miles north of Athens

From Rafina port, typically more than eight boats a day go to Mykonos.  During holiday weekends in summer, extra ferries are typically added to the schedule.

It is wise to make a reservation for your boat beforehand online. Check out or to see schedules and book your ticket.

If you have not bought your ticket beforehand, arrive at least one hour before the ferry’s departure time to line up to buy your ticket from the ferry company kiosk at the port.

The fast ferry to Mykonos (pictured above) takes about two and a half hours from Athens; The slower ferry takes about five hours.

Sea Jet Ferry To Mykonos in Greece
Travellers get onto the SEAJETS Ferry at Rafina Port.

Once your ticket is in hand and the ferry opens its doors, everyone rushes onto the boat en masse. Be prepared to load your luggage onto a cart once you board the ferry. Make sure you put your luggage on the cart with that says “Mykonos” if you are visiting Mykonos. Some ferries make multiple stops at various islands. (I almost put my luggage on a cart that said the name of a neighboring island, “Tinos”!)

On board a Ferry to Mykonos
An interior view of a SEAJETS Ferry

If you haven’t eaten before you get to the Port, don’t worry. There are various eateries there. You can order food to go that you can take onto the ferry. On board, you may buy small bites such as blueberry muffins, cheese pie, a turkey sandwich or coffee. Of course, food on the ferry costs more than at an eatery on land. For example, a coffee aboard the ferry costs about 6 Euro.


Most hotels in Mykonos can make arrangements to pick you up from the port, for a nominal fee. It is recommended that you contact your hotel prior to arriving in Mykonos to arrange that pick up. There are only about 30 licensed taxis on the island. So, it is challenging to hail a taxi on the island. Uber has not yet set up shop on the island.

SeaJet Ferry at Mykonos New Port
The SEAJETS Ferry docked at the New Port in Mykonos

My driver from the hotel was waiting for me upon my arrival at the new port. (Be careful, many drivers wait to the left of the actual new port as their vans may not be allowed into that area. So make sure to walk towards the left when you get off the boat at the new port. Make sure you have some cash on hand. The ride to the hotel costs about 10 Euro, depending on where your hotel is located on the island..


  • Try to book your ferry ticket online before you get to the port.
  • Buy some gnosh on land before getting onto the ferry.
  • Be prepared to load your luggage onto a cart, but make sure you put your luggage on the cart with the name of the island you are visiting as your ferry may make multiple stops.
  • Make arrangements before you get to the island for your hotel to send a driver to pick you up.

Enjoy Mykonos!

That’s the Lowdown!

If you want a great meal while in Mykonos, check out Avra Restaurant:

AVRA Restaurant Garden, Mykonos, Greece: The Lowdown!

If you want to see great Mykonos Sunsets in a stylish surrounding with great entertainment, head to the Elysium Sunset Bar.

Elysium Sunset Bar, Mykonos, Greece: The Lowdown!


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