Mykonos No 5 Hotel and Villas, a Luxe Hotel, Mykonos, Greece: The Lowdown!

Mykonos No 5 hotel entry in daylight
Mykonos No 5 Hotel and Suites entry
Travelling to Mykonos for your honeymoon or for a bit of solitude without being far away from activity? Mykonos No. 5 Hotel and Villas may be perfect for you.
Tucked away in the Mykonos’s Kanalia Village neighborhood, the five-star hotel was built  about three years ago. This year you can occupy one of 21 rooms, up from 11 last year.
Upon check-in, your taste buds will be awakened. Hotel employees welcome guests with mastika, a sweet liqueur made on Greece’s Chios island. A Greek almond pastry,  kourabies, accompanied the liqueur.
You may wonder where the facility got its name. According to a hotel employee, the hotel aims to offer a visit that appeals to the five senses.
Mykonos no 5 hotel view from Corner Suite
Unobstructed Aegean sea view from Corner Suite 520
I was shown to Corner Suite 520 with an unobstructed Aegean sea view that intrigued my sight.
Mykonos No 5 hotel room corner suite
The Sonos Sound System in the room made my eardrums reverberate. A diffuser emanated a citrusy scent. In terms of touch, the staff is at your disposal and guarantees as much contact as you need. The Crist Brand white bed linens and towels were soft and plush. (
Mykonos No 5 Hotel Sonos Sound System
Among the suite’s features: a queen- sized bed, a couch with ample throw pillows, a kitchenette and private terrace with deck beds. Free-wifi is included.
Mykonos No 5 Hotel Room shower area
Spacious bathroom feature a rain-forest shower head and thunder grey walls
The bathroom provided a near spa-like experience with chic thunder grey colored walls The rain-forest shower head provided great water pressure.
Mykonos No 5 Hotel Room Bathroom moulton brown products
Moulton Brown Bath Products
Moulton Brown bath products were luxurious. However, the water in the shower did not get as hot as I would have liked. There was no clear separation between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. As water did not drain quickly, it spread to other areas of the bathroom — making me afraid I might flood the suite. At one point, I thought that Mykonos No. 5 referred to the number of mosquitoes because I killed at least five in my bathroom one morning! Travel tip: Bring mosquito repellent!
Mykonos No 5 Pool at Dusk
Mykonos No 5 Hotel and Suites pool at dusk
If you want to take it easy at the hotel, you can always lounge around the pool.
If you are the type of person who wants to be in the center of activity, Mykonos No. 5 may not be for you. But, if you want a quiet, luxurious hotel with scenic views that allow you to retreat from the Mykonian hustle and bustle, Mykonos No. 5 would be perfect for you!
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That’s the Lowdown!



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