7 Tips for Vacationing Like a Boss in Mykonos: The Lowdown

If you are planning a trip to Mykonos, Greece, here are some tips to make sure you have a great trip:

Kalimera Mykonos

Learn a few Greek words: Learning a few Greek words is a nice way to endear yourself to the Greek people that you will meet. Here are some basic Greek words: Efcharisto (Thank you).

Thelo (I want ____).

Proino: (Breakfast).

Kalimera: (Good Morning).

Kalispera: (Good Afternoon).

Kalinichta: (Good night).

Cornstarch Mykonos Greece

Be prepared to get your clothing splattered with olive oil:  Greece is one of the leading producers of olive oil. So, it finds its way into innumerable dishes and sauces: spreads and Greek salads, among them. You are likely to splash your clothing with olive oil. If you don’t address splatters immediately, your favorite white shirt or blouse may remain stained forever. That’s likely not the kind of reminder you want of Greece. How can you prevent permanently stained clothing? Dab the spot with seltzer water, white chalk or cornstarch.

Two prong adaptor Mykonos Greece

Buy a two-pronged adaptor: In Greece, you will need a two-pronged electrical adaptor. Make sure to pick up one or two to use in Greece. Otherwise, you won’t be able to charge the devices such as your I-pad or IPhone. Shops on Mykonos don’t regularly carry two-pronged adaptors. When they do, you’ll overpay. You can buy a two-pronged adaptor for about $8 on www.jet.com or www.amazon.com

OFF Mosquito Repellent Mykonos Greece

Bring  mosquito repellent: I saw mosquitoes while in Mykonos. One morning I killed about five mosquitoes in my bathroom. One of the hotels where I stayed had a mosquito net hung over the bed. But, not all hotels offer mosquito nets. If you are staying near the water, you will see fewer mosquitoes that if you are staying further inland. But, keep some OFF! on you!

Poland Spring Water Mykonos

Don’t Drink the Water!: Tap water likely will not be drinkable in your hotel. You will likely have bottled water in your hotel mini-bar. But, it is likely to cost about three times what you would pay for the same bottle at a local “periptera” (convenience store). To make sure you have drinking water available in your room, stock up on bottled water at a local convenience store.

Call for a cab beforehand: During the off-season, there are about 10,000 year-round residents on Mykonos. So, there are only about 30 licensed cabs on the island. During the summer, tens of thousands of visitors flock to Mykonos. However, the number of cabs remains the same. So, if you need to take a cab, ask your hotel to call for the cab for a time at least a half hour before you actually want to be picked up. For example, if you really want to get picked up at 8pm, tell your hotel to call the cab for 7:30. Every cab I ordered came late, which made me late for reservations. Unfortunately, Uber has not yet made it to Mykonos!

Umbrella Mykonos

Bring an umbrella: If your skin burns easily while out in strong sunlight, you may want to bring an umbrella.  High sun and low buildings mean one thing: sunburn! There is little shade between 10AM and 4PM when the sun’s rays are stronger. So, in addition to slathering on some sunscreen, you may also want to take an umbrella to provide yourself some relief from the sun!

With these seven tips in mind, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time in Mykonos.

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That’s the Lowdown!


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