Burrito Amor, Tulum, Mexico: The Lowdown!



Burrito Amor Outside
Burrito Amor

For reliable, reasonably priced burritos in Tulum, Mexico, head to Burrito Amor.

It is located at the corner of Avenida Tulum and Calle Sol Oriente in heart of Tulum.

Burrito Amor inside
Burrito Amor
There’s seating for about 45 people in what is almost an open air setting.
Two sides of the eatery are completely open to the elements, allowing the outdoors to spill in and the insides to spill out. You will feel as though you are hanging out at a friend’s backyard barbecue.
Burrito Amor Wall of Bougainvillea
Burrito Amor
One side, though,  is partially covered by foliage that appears to be bougainvillea.
The few walls that you will see are painted ivory white.  Round, wooden tables can accommodate four or five people. If you plan to eat quickly and run off to the beach, you can sit at a raised bar that appears to be made of reclaimed wood.
You’ll notice that Burrito Amor appears to be popular with foreigners. While there, I overheard Americans. I also heard a bit of French. And, I chatted with a Canadian couple. If you end up sharing a table, someone will likely strike up a conversation with you and you can ask for menu recommendations.
Burrito Amor Black Bean Salad
The Vegan Salad
To start, I tried a Vegan salad (75 pesos or about $5 US). It came with black beans, beets, poblano chile and toasted baby pumpkin seeds served in a white porcelain bowl. Each element of the salad was fresh and delicious. A sweet, refreshing salad dressing made of tequila and jamaica (“hibiscus” in English) accompany the salad.
Burrito Amor Chicken Burrito
The Chicken Burrito
Front and center on the menu: burritos, as the eatery’s name implies. You may want to try the burrito with chicken (85 pesos or about $5US) It comes wrapped in wax paper that looks like a banana leaf.  The tortilla is fresh and light. With every bite, you get a mouthful of deliciously moist chicken and tomatillos (a Mexican husk tomato), black beans, rice and pico de gallo (finely diced fresh  tomatoes, green peppers and onions). In keeping with Tulum’s casual overall attitude,  the burrito comes served in a plastic red basket.
Burrito Amor Alkalizer
The Alkalizer
I washed it all down with the Alkalizer juice ( 65 pesos or about $4US). It’s made of cucumber, apple, lime, ginger and cayenne pepper. It might provide just the anti-dote you need after a few days of eating acidic foods in other Riviera Maya restaurants.
Burrito Amor The Caramel
The Caramel
Another option you may want to sample: the Caramel smoothie (70 pesos or about $4.50 US). The smooth mixture of dates, coconut milk, vanilla extract, bananas and fresh coconut water will make you remember that Tulum is actually in a jungle that produces great, fresh produce.
One caveat: If you like to drink through a plastic straw you may want to think twice. But, if you’re eco-friendly, you’d love Burrito Amor. They avoid using plastic straws (known as “popotes” in Mexico). Instead, staff gives you a straw made of Avocado seed that is 100% biodegradable!
That’s the Lowdown!
For wonderful tacos, in an open air setting in Tulum, check out this link:
If you want to check out a more upscale restaurant in Tulum, head to one of my favorites: Hartwood!

2 thoughts on “Burrito Amor, Tulum, Mexico: The Lowdown!

  1. Thank you Mikey B! We are headed to Tulum for the annual Aspen Club Yoga Retreat! and then, back to the slopes! Talk about a climate change! After reading your blog on Hartwood and having dined there several times, I agreed with your insights so I’m eager to sample a taco or two from this local taco joint. Naturally, being a ‘careful’ eater, I’d be reluctant to try this place, but with your stamp of approval I will.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tia, I hope you have a wonderful time on your annual Aspen Club Yoga Retreat. Thank you so much for reading The Lowdown. I hope you enjoy Burrito Amor as well as Hartwood. If you go to Hartwood, I hope you get one of my favorite waiters there: Julio, Hunter or Valentine! Have a safe, wonderful trip! Thanks, again!


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