Le Vin de Bellechase, Paris, France: The Lowdown!

Le Vin de Bellechase

There is nothing like getting a restaurant recommendation from a resident of the city you are visiting. It’s the best way to avoid overpriced tourist traps, that guidebooks like Fodor’s might suggest.

While in Paris, my friend Lars suggested that we head to Le Vin de Bellechase.

The unpretentious brasserie is located in the 7th Arrondisement on Rue Bellechase, near Rue de L’Universite.

You enter through lush red velvet curtains hung from the ceiling to create a dramatic entry. Behind the velvet curtain, a pleasant dining experience awaits.  At the entry,  a rectangular wooden bar stocked with wines and spirits greets you.  When in France, you must try the wines. We selected the “Givry Premier Cru 2016” from eastern France’s Burgundy region which produces dry red wine made from Pinot Noir grapes.

The wine was aromatic and dense with notes of strawberries and blackberries.

Le Vin de Bellechase Bar
Le Vin De Bellechase Interior Dining room
The rectangular-shaped dimly lit dining room accommodates about 40 diners.
The decor features elements common to many Parisian brasseries: red banquettes and tiled floors.Vintage black and white photos in frames decorate the walls.
Black and White Pic Le Vin de Bellechase
However the decor also had a surprising touch: Wallpaper with printed fronds and monkeys.
Le Vin de Bellechase Frond Wallpaper
The menu is varied but decidedly French.
To start, we tried pan-fried seasoned mushrooms. They were lightly sauteed in oil with garlic and a great way to whet the palate while waiting for the main course.
Le Vin de Bellechase Mushrooms
For a main, pan-fried lamb chops (21 Euro) with mashed potatoes will not disappoint you. The meat was tender; the temperature was perfect. A bit of gravy accompanied the lamb chops –helping to keep them moist. Sliced chives scattered atop the lamb chops provided a bit of color. The potatoes were creamy and fluffy.
Le Vin de Bellechase Lamb chops
You may also want to try the cod fish which was fresh. It was  thick and fleshy with a buttery taste. It came served on a bed of lightly sauteed julienne carrots and zucchini. The potatoes were buttery. They mayo was light, creamy and seasoned with chives.
Cod fish Le vIn de Bellechase
For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Tarte Tatin. It came served warm with sliced apples atop a light crust. The apples were seasoned with cinnamon and a dollop of vanilla ice cream stop.
Tarte Tatin Photo
All in all, Le Vin de Bellechase provides a delightful dining experience away from throngs of tourists you may find in other St. Germain de Pres eateries.
That’s the Lowdown!
For another eating option in St. Germain des Pres in Paris, check out this link:

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