Mykonos No. 5 Hotel and Villa Restaurant: The Lowdown!

For a romantic dinner, try the Mykonos No. 5 Hotel and Villas restaurant.
The restaurant is tucked away in the Kanalia neighborhood of Myknonos.
From the restaurant balcony, you will see a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea and Mykonos Town.
Mykonos No 5 Restaurant Sesame Bread
At the restaurant ranked number 4 on Trip Advisor of 90 restaurants in Mykonos, sesame sticks and multi-grain rolls come with the bread basket. (Forget the low carb diet while in Greece!)
Mykonos No 5 Restaurant Sauces
A smoothly pureed black olive tapenade and a sun-dried tomato spread are served with the bread. You will also get rosemary-infused olive oil that delights the palate.
Mykonos No 5 Restaurant Greek Salad
Greek salad comes with traditional ingredients: juicy red cubed beefsteak tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, black kalamata olives and a triangular wedge of feta cheese. Capers dot the plate. All the ingredients are stacked to form a miniature sculpture topped with thinly sliced red onion curlicues.
Skiouficta Pasta Mykonos No 5 Restaurant
You will definitely want to try the pasta: Skiouficta, a Cretan pasta similar to long macaroni. The pasta was doused with a grilled sun-dried tomato sauce along with basil, local cheese and olive oil. The pasta was fresh; The sauce was hearty.
Mykonos No 5 Restaurant Sea Bass
Mykonos is known for its seafood: a meaty, perfectly grilled Sea bass atop a potato puree with grilled al dente asparagus rounded out the meal.
Kali Oreksi (“Good appetite” in Greek)
For another great meal in Mykonos Town, check out Avra!
That’s the Lowdown.

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