Ruen Urai, Bangkok: Authentic Thai Cuisine

If you are looking for a restaurant with an authentically Thai setting in the heart of Bangkok, you must try Ruen Urai.


The restaurant, set in a century-old typical Thai house built of golden teakwood. That’s why the restaurant’s name – in Thai- means “House of Gold”. It features walls painted in a burnt orange. A  wall of glass overlooks a courtyard garden that is green and lush. Traditional wooden beams were kept and provide the space with an authentic feel.


The house which serves as the restaurant’s home is said to have belonged to an herbal medicine doctor. So, it’s no wonder that every morsel tastes of aromatic herbs that undoubtedly contain medicinal properties.

Vegetable Spring Rolls

For first course, you must try the “Pohr Pia Sod Jay” or fresh vegetarian spring rolls, containing lettuce , carrots, red cabbage and herbs in a roll topped with peanut sauce. The spring rolls were a delicious appetizer to whet the palate in preparation for a main course. As you may know, with Thai food, you tend to taste something sweet and something spicy. The peanut sauce packed a bit of a punch, likely from chili peppers. Yet, it was not too spicy. (If you would like food with mild spice, tell the waiter that you would like your food “mai phet” (mildly spicy). The ‘h’ is silent so ‘phet’ is pronounced like ‘pet’.

Green Chicken Curry Soup

Or, if you are more of a soup lover, go for the green chicken curry soup. Chicken broth, coconut milk, curry powder and chili with a hint of lime blended together to create a warm, soothing soup. The broth was smooth and not too watery. The meat was tender. The flavor of the ingredients were all fresh and Coconut milk is said to help build muscle, fight fatigue, provide energy and is said to have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Grilled Chicken Marinated in Tumeric Sauce

You must try the grilled chicken marinated in tumeric sauce. The chicken was served piping hot on skewers with a cucumber and parsley garnish.

Stir-Fried Sea Bass Marinated in Aromatic Sauce

We also tried stir-fried sea bass marinated in an aromatic sauce. The rich, buttery flavor of the sea bass delighted the palate.

The eatery is located at 118 Surawongse Road in Bangkok’s Bangrak neighborhood among the gardens of a boutique Hotel, The Rose Hotel.

That’s the Lowdown.

If you plan on visiting Northern Thailand, you can ride an elephant there.

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