Getting into Hong Kong from HK International Airport


If you ever get the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, you don’t have to worry about getting an Uber or a taxi cab into the city.There’s a fast, easy way to get into the center of town: The Airport Express train.

It’s advertised as the fastest, easiest way to get into town. The Airport Express makes stops at areas that are where many hotels are located: Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Central. The trip to those three stops will take no more than 30 minutes.

You will see advertisements in the Hong Kong Airport advertising public transport options to get to the heart of Hong Kong

Upon arrival at the Hong Kong International airport, you’ll want to exchange some money.As of this writing, $1 US Dollar equals about $7.75 Hong Kong Dollars. A one-way ticket to Kowloon on the Airport Express costs 90HK Dollars or roughly $11.60.  A round-trip ticket will cost you about $160HK Dollars to Kowloon or $180 to Central and are valid for one-month from the date of purchase. There are kiosks at the airport where you can purchase tickets.

You can easily purchase tickets at kiosks like this one to catch the Airport Express train to the heart of Hong Kong

With the ticket in your hand, you can just proceed to the clearly marked entrance way.

With your ticket in hand, you can just proceed to the clearly marked entry to the Airport Express. Notice that signs also include English.



Once on-board, you can take in some of the picturesque landscape surrounding the airport on your way into the heart of Hong Kong.

This is what the interior of an Airport Express train looks like.

When you get out of the train at your designated stop, you can even find some free shuttle buses that will take you to your hotel. Just make sure that you tell the driver exactly where you want to go before you board!

That’s the Lowdown.

If you want to check out some tourist sites in Hong Kong, check out this link.

Visit Big Buddha on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island


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