Bangkok, Thailand: Wat Pho Temple

If you only get to visit one temple in Bangkok, visit Wat Pho. It is the city’s oldest and biggest temple.


The main feature: the Reclining Buddha which is 151 feet long and 50 feet high, made of brick plaster and gold leaf. A reclining Buddha is said to represent arrival at Nirvana, defined as the state of all-knowing.


The Reclining Buddha’s feet feature mother-of-pearl inlay.

As you enter the inner courtyard of the temple, you will see huge stone statues of foreigners known as ‘farang’ in Thai.


Around the grounds, you will see 100 chedi. (They are decorated with porcelain mosaic.)


Wat Pho also serves as the home of Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School. You can get a whole body or foot massage right on the grounds. No appointment is necessary. Wait times are not that long as there are many masseurs on site. $280 Thai Baht can get you a 30-minute foot massage.

Check out the temple’s website:

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