Next President Likely A New Yorker: The Lowdown

Donald Trump appears to have become the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee today now that Senator Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign.

Cruz’s announcement comes after Trump beat Cruz in Tuesday’s Indiana primary. Trump snagged 53% of the vote in the Hooiser State compared to Cruz’s 37 percent. Trump walked away with 57 delegates from his Indiana win. 1237 Delegates are needed to snag the Republican nomination. With the Hoosier State win, Trump’s delegate total rose to 1049.

In his victory speech, Trump said, “I have met some of the most incredible competitors that I have competed against in the Republican Party.”

He also praised Ted Cruz. “He is one hell of a competitor. He is a tough, smart guy. He’s got an amazing future.”

Hillary Clinton

Meanwhile, it still appears that Hillary Clinton is poised to snag the Democratic presidential nomination. Despite the former New York Senator’s loss in Tuesday’s Indiana primary to Bernie Sanders, she maintains a delegate lead. In the Hoosier State’s Democratic race, 92 delegates were up for grabs. With the Sanders win in Indiana, the Vermont Senator’s delegate total stands at 1397. Clinton has 2182 delegates. On the Democratic side, 2383 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

“I have absolute confidence that we are going to defeat Donald Trump in the general election,” Sanders said in his victory speech televised from New Albany, Indiana.  Sanders took a shot at Trump’s win of the Republican Primary in Indiana. Here’s what he had to say: “This is the man that does not have the demeanor, does not have the policy background to become the President of the United States,” Sanders said. “What is most important is that we do not allow someone like Donald Trump to become President of the United States.”

That’s the Lowdown. (Just a few weeks ago, Sanders held a rally in NYC. Here’s what he had to say:

Bernie Sanders Rally: The Lowdown!


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