NYC’s The Quarter: The Lowdown.

If you want to eat brunch al fresco on a lovely Spring Day in NYC, there’s no better place than The Quarter.
When you enter the quaint West Village eatery at 522 Hudson Street (at West 10th Street), you may think you have stumbled upon a boite in Paris’s Marais arrondissement. On the day I brunched there, French music wafted out of the sound system.
If you like, you may join approximately 30 diners at one of the dark wooden tables that flanks the sidewalk. If you want to avoid too much sun, you can sit inside among approximately 60 diners. It’s nice to get a table alongside the windows facing Hudson Street to glimpse passersby soaking up the sun on a spring day.
The décor is a bit quirky.  The light gray walls combined with the dark, square wooden tables provide the ambience with an earthiness and cozy feeling.  A maroon Vespa sits in the 10th Street window in a display flanked by green plants. That made for an interesting design choice to ponder while I perused the drink menu.
The menu offers four bubbly cocktails ($10).  You can chose from the mango, strawberry and pomegranate mimosas. I started with the bloody mimosa. It was all bubbly and fizzy made of blood orange syrup and champagne. ($10). If you don’t do bubbly drinks, you can get red or white wines or craft beers.
Some of the brunch entrees that peaked my interest included chocolate chip pancakes and feta cheese scrambled eggs ($13)
Brunch entrees range from 6-16$. They include chocolate chip pancakes, feta cheese scrambled Eggs ($13).  You can add smoked salmon for $6.
If you want to do something more substantial for brunch, you could try one of the sandwiches or pasta ($15-21). Try the grilled chicken sandwich with chicken breast, hummus, watercress and sumac dusted tomatoes with a side hand-cut fries. The chicken came out super warm and wonderfully  grilled on a seven-grain baguette. It was the perfect portion size for a mid-afternoon brunch.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with hummus, watercress and sumac-dusted tomatoes with a side of hand-cut fries.


A colleague tried the chilaquilies that came served with nachos, eggs and red onions. He complained that there were too many nachos and would have liked chicken. Ask for a serving of chicken with the chilaquilies, if you order them.
Chilaquilies served with nachos, over-easy eggs and red onions.


If you want something lighter, you could have a mesclun salad, organic quinoa or chopped raw Tuscan kale salad.
If you want comfort food at a good price in a cozy surrounding with good people-watching, check out The Quarter.
That’s the Lowdown!
If you want to try out another good restaurant in the Village, check out Malatesta.

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