Talula’s Asbury Park, NJ: The Lowdown

If you want to try some fresh, local artisanal sourdough pizza on your next New Jersey shore visit, head to Talula’s in Asbury Park.
Brooklyn transplants Steve Mignona and Shanti Church opened up the eatery along with Californian Josh Stewart in October 2014. Their menu says: “We pickle, preserve, bake and ferment everything in house. We hand-make all ice cream and many of our vegan and dairy cheeses.”
All three must have spent enough time away from the hustle and bustle to appreciate what eating farm-fresh, locally grown made-from-scratch food means.That’s what you’ll see and taste when you enter the rectangular-shaped dining room that evokes a stylized barn with industrial design touches thrown into the mix.
Talulah's dining room
A prominently placed bulletin board displays names of local tri-state area farms — including Irving and Kula Urban Farms – from which raw materials are sourced: meat, seafood, coffee and cheeses, among them.
IMG_3692 (1)
High ceilings impart the dining room’s open-airy feeling. Some diners sit along one wall at two-tops; others sit perched on metal, industrial stools at the bar. Two communal tables – each with seating for a dozen or so diners —  placed in the dining room’s center appear made from reclaimed barn wood. Black industrial lamps dangling over head provide ample illumination.Fresh-cut flowers in small glass vases provide an organic touch.
Water comes served in glasses you might expect to hold your Grandmother’s fresh homemade jam.
IMG_3672 (1)
If you like freshly made pizza with thin crust, Talula’s is your kind of place.
The Dolorian ($17) featured an unexpected combination of ingredients: smoked salmon, capers, scallion dill and hash browns. The taste was sublime. The dough was light, soft and melt-in-your-mouth fresh.  Church  and Stewart must spear-headed the dough-making. (Her resume includes working as a pastry chef at  Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown, NY. Stewart’s resume boasts  stints in a few well-regarded boulangeries — including Los Angeles’s Bread Lounge and Bien Cut in Brooklyn.)
Another good choice — especially if you are in more of a brunch mood is the Egg and Cheese Sammy ($10). Two fried-farm fresh eggs with Cabot cheese come served lemon herb alioli on soft house-baked Focaccia bread with a side of fresh greens. The eggs were light and fluffy an the herb alioli provided a touch of spice. You can add avocado, bacon, breakfast or veggie sausage for $2.
Talulah's Egg Sandwich
If you want something sweet to cap off your farm fresh meal, opt for the sugary Apple Cider donuts which are sure to please even the most finicky palate.
Talula’s is located at 550 Cookman Avenue in downtown Asbury Park, near Bangs Avenue.
That’s the Lowdown!
If you want a laid back place to eat brunch on your next visit to nearby New York City,
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4 thoughts on “Talula’s Asbury Park, NJ: The Lowdown

    1. Thank you so much for checking out the blog. If you check out the picture of the sign in front of the establishment, the restarant’s owners spell their ‘Talulah” with two one “l” in the middle and one “l” before “-ah”. Miss Tallulah Bankhead spells her name with three “l” ‘s unlike Talulah’s on Cookman. You must try their pizza. They probably set aside an “L” for love because you will absolutely LOVE their sourdough pizzas!


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