Medical Marijuana: The Lowdown!

medical marijuana

If you want to get a dose of medical marijuana, you can now do so in an additional state.

This month the first eight medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in New York State.

(Those hoping to use medical marijuana can already do so in 22 other states and Washington, D.C.)

Columbia Care (pictured above) has set up shop in New York City at 212 East 14th Street near Third Avenue.

The shops are able to operate in the Empire State thanks to legislation signed by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Compassionate Care Act was signed into law back in July of 2014. Patients who have illnesses including HIV, AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and terminal conditions are eligible to be prescribed medical marijuana.

In New York State, patients prescribed medical marijuana can obtain it as abstract capsules, oils and tinctures.

If you want to stop by Columbia Care in NYC, you better call first. They see patients by appointment only. You can call 800-764-8162.

That’s the Lowdown!




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