Azul Historico, Mexico City, Mexico: The Lowdown!

To try authentic Mexican food with a twist, head to Azul Historico in Mexico City’s Centro Historico!

You will find the restaurant on Calle Isabel La Catolica, 30. The courtyard restaurant, located in the downtown Mexico Hotel and retail complex, is a great place to go for breakfast or lunch.

Azul Historico is situated in the courtyard of the downtown Mexico Hotel and retail complex.

Chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita, considered one of Latin America’s top 24 chefs by Gardo Pardo magazine, heads up the team at this restaurant, about a four-block walk from the Zocalo.

Employees make fresh tortillas in plain-sight while dressed in traditional clothing. Check out these fresh tortillas pictured below!

At Azul Historico, tortillas are freshly made on-site.

You may want to start with the tortilla soup. It comes served in a ceramic bowl with a Day of the Dead figure as a top.

The soup is made with chicken broth, roasted tomato, shredded chicken, cream, panela cheese, avocado and tortilla corn squares. It was tasty without being overpowering and not too acidic.

Another great option as a starter: the Caldo Ranchero

Caldo Ranchero
  • You may want to try the Oaxacan black mole enchiladas ($295 pesos Mexicanos; about $15 US) . I suggest ordering them stuffed with shredded chicken.

Oaxacan black mole enchiladas

You can’t go wrong with a meal at Azul Historico. Give it a try!

For more to do in Mexico City, check out the Youtube link below: “8 Things to do in Mexico City”!


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