Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico: The Lowdown!

To get a bird’s eye view of Mexico City, visit La Torre Latinoamericana.

It is located at Avenida Francisco Madero, 1. It’s about four-block walk west of Plaza de la Constitucion, known as El Zocalo.

The 44-story skyscaper is the tallest building in the Centro Historico (the Historic Center) of Mexico City.

It is considered extraordinary because it has survived two earthquakes: an 8.1 magnitude quake in 1985 and another 7.1 magnitude quake in 2017.

You should visit the top floor of the tower. It costs about $120 pesos mexicanos. From there, you can see a particularly great view of the nearby Palacio de Bellas Artes.

There, you can see amazing 360-degree views of Mexico City, which will give you an idea of the expanse of the city of nearly nine million residents.

That’s the Lowdown!


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