Seamore’s Chelsea, NYC: The Lowdown!

If you want to get your salmon fix, head to Seamore’s Chelseat at 181 Eighth Avenue in New York City

Their new Norwegian Salmon dish comes served with Thai curry bok choy, baby turnips and brown rice. ($28) (Pictured above)

It’s part of the new Winter Menu 2019 at one of my favorite eateries in Gotham.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, you may want to try the Sriracha Salmon Burger ($21).

Of course, you can still rely on your favorites: The Reel Deal, among them.

It comes with your choice of the “daily landing”, fresh local or regional fish, and three side dishes with a choice of sauce. Among my favorite choice of fish for the real deal is the cod fish as seen here with lentils, broccoli and braised carrots with a side of red curry sauce (seen here).

For more on what you can find at Seamore’s, check out my earlier story on this site.

Seamore’s, Chelsea, NYC: The Lowdown

You won’t be disappointed.

That’s the Lowdown.


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