Seamore’s, Chelsea, NYC: The Lowdown

If you have been waiting for a place to eat fresh fish in downtown New York City, the time has come. Seamore’s opened three weeks ago in Chelsea at 161 Eighth Avenue (at 18th Street).

Seamore's Facade
Seamore’s Chelsea, 161 8th Avenue (at 18th Street)
The latest eatery from Restarateur Michael Chernow  (“The Meatball Shop”) has arrived in Chelsea as an sequel to its NoLiTa location. The 70-seat location offers a varied menu that includes fresh fish, fish tacos, burgers and salads.

Walking into the restaurant, the white interior transports you to an eatery in Montauk, Kill Devil Hills, or even Miami! Wooden and metal tables, white paneling, hardwood floors and hanging pendulum lights imbue the restaurant with an open seaside resort sensibility. You can almost smell the sea air. A windowed wall alongside the rectangular dining room allows light and air to seep in from Chelsea and provides little separation from the world beyond.

Seamore's Dining Room

Best Guac Photo Seamore's
Guacamole served with blue corn chips ($9)
We started with the Guacamole, garnished with tomato, onion and cilantro ($9). The fresh, thick guacamole was sublime. However, thin blue corn chips accompanied the guacamole and cracked under the guacamole’s weight. More substantial chips might handle guacamole better.

Kale Salad Seamore's
Kale and avocado salad with green apple slices and cubed sweet potatoes ($15)
Kale and avocado salad  ($15) came with green apple slices and cubed sweet potatoes. The dark green, crunch kale was perfectly tossed with honey and walnut dressing.

Better Bluefish pic Seamore's.jpg
“The Reel Deal”, fresh bluefish with asparagus, golden beets and dirty rice ($24)
As a main course, you may want to choose the signature “Reel Deal”, a choice of fresh fish and sauce with chef-selected sides. The waitress presented three choices — all sourced from the Atlantic. Over the Skate and Mahi Mahi, I opted for Bluefish  ($24) which was meaty and grilled to perfection, accompanied by sweet golden beets, al dente asparagus, well-seasoned dirty rice and  a choice of lemongrass ahi and/or red curry sauce.

Fish Taco Seamore's
Fish tacos served with pickled onions, jalapeno mayo, shredded red cabbage and radish
As an extra treat, I also tried the seared fish taco ($15). Two tacos come with a cylindrical-shaped white battered, deep-fried fish,  topped with pickled onions, jalapeno mayo, shredded red cabbage and radish. I must say the fish taco holds its own when compared to other nearby Mexican eateries such as Horchata (see link below).

You can finish off your meal with something sweet. Try the vegan coconut or pink lemonade soft serve ice cream in a cone or cup ($7).

That’s the Lowdown!

If you want to try another restaurant in downtown NYC, with great tacos, check out Horchata!

Horchata Mexican Restaurant in NYC: The Lowdown

For more about Seamore’s, check out their website:

If you would like to learn how to make restaurant-style recipes, click here:

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