Loving J Brand: The Lowdown

Hey lovers, what do you do in NYC when all your friends are out of town and you have nothing to do? Answer: Shop!

It’s that time of year when you can find all sorts of deals on chic summer clothing.

Check out these 100 % cotton Indigo shorts from J Brand that I picked up. They typically retail for about $140. I got them on sale today for $40.

IMG_2518 (1)

They have two front-pockets on the diagonal with zippers and leather trim, two buttoned pockets on the back and a button-up fly. The fabric is nice and sturdy and it breathes. You can throw them right in the washing machine. I love the way they fit. Their sizes seem to run a little large. I got a pair with a 32-inch waist though in most comparable brands and cuts I would wear a 30 or 31. 

If you’ve never heard of the brand. It’s California-based and they make loads of stuff in the United States. They launched back in 2004 – and specialize in fashionable ready-to-wear men’s and women’s clothing.

If you like my new shorts, J Brand clothing can be found in Nordstrom, Saks or other luxury retailers and specialty stores in 25 countries worldwide.

That’s the Lowdown.

If you want to know about another other fun summer activity for free, check out this link.Isaac Mizrahi Retrospective: The Lowdown!




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