Macy’s Flower Show: The Lowdown

If you want to check out a fun, free activity in New York City, head to the annual Macy’s Flower Show.


The show has drawn New Yorkers and tourists alike since it opened earlier last week.

This year’s theme:”America The Beautiful.” You will see 30,000 flowers indigenous to different areas of the United States. The show is divided into displays based on geographical location.

If you enter Macy’s via Broadway, you’ll see a stand of brochures that will guide you through the displays in numerical order. There are about 10 displays with names such as “Shining Northeast Shores,” “Enchanting Southeast,” “Vast Southwest” and “Midwest Fruited Plains.”

Check out some of these flowers you can see close-up in those displays:

Macy's Lily


Macy's Opuntia
An Opuntia



Agave plant
An Agave Plant



Macy's Gerber Daisy
Gerber Daisies



There’s even a “Bouquet of the Day”. The one you see here was featured Saturday. James Francois-Pijuan of Francois-Pijuan Floral & Event Design used birch and a variety of plants to create it. Floral Designers Olivier Giugni, Yena Jung and Jes Gordon will create upcoming “Bouquets of the Day.”

Macy's Bouquet of the Day
This is a “Bouquet of the Day” created by Francois-Pijuan of Francois-Pijuan Floral & Event Design



If you want to learn more about the plants and their origins, you can. Grab a pair of headphones. Head to Macy’s and visit for an audio tour.

Macy's audio tour

The flower show runs through Sunday, April 3rd.

That’s the Lowdown!

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