Lowdown_with_Mikey_B_in_cursive_in_rust_color.jpgThanks for checking out the Lowdown with Mikey B!

You will get the Lowdown on lots of stuff by reading this blog: — music, news, recipes, travel, style, politics, travel, health tips and even FREE  stuff. Like YOU, I love free stuff. So, if I find out about free stuff (or reduced-price stuff), YOU will be the first to get the Lowdown.

This is a labor of love to help YOU with useful, insightful, entertaining and practical info.

Let’s dialogue!  Leave a short comment! Let me know what YOU like and don’t like. Let me know what YOU want to see more or less of on the Lowdown.

If YOU have a project, person, activity, restaurant, business, play or whatever that YOU want me to blog about, let me know! Always looking to hear about YOU!

All the best,

Mikey B!


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