Museo Evita. Evita Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Lowdown!

To learn more about Argentina’s most beloved former First Lady (pictured above with her husband, former President Juan Peron), visit Museo Evita!

Museo Evita is located at Calle Lafinur 2988 in Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighborhood.

Eva Duarte Peron, better known simply as Evita, served as Argentina’s First Lady from 1946-1952.

In 1947, the wife of former President Juan Peron, directed the state of Argentina to buy the mansion that currently houses the museum.

(An early photo of Evita and Juan Peron.)

It became a shelter for single mothers called the “Hogar de Transito” in Spanish (or Temporary Shelter, in English). Eva Peron’s Foundation, provided residents with food, clothing and shoes during their stay at the shelter. The foundation also funded projects to build hospitals and schools.

In 2002, the mansion that housed the Temporary Shelter opened as a museum dedicated to highlighting Eva Peron’s life.

From the museum’s permanent collection, you will learn about Evita’s work as an actress.

(Poster depicting a film in which Eva Peron appeared as an actress.)

You will also see glamorous gowns she wore during her time as Argentina’s First Lady.

(One of the gowns, Evita Peron, wore while First Lady of Argentina. She favored designs by Dior)

You will learn about her life as Argentina’s First Lady. In addition to starting a foundation that helped homeless women and children, she championed the rights of workers. She helped women win the right to vote. She created amusement parks for children. She also created a city with housing for working class Argentines. As a result of her work, she earned the devotion of the working class.

(A photo of Eva Peron from her days as an actress before she started to dye her hair blonde.)

Evita passed away from uterine cancer in 1952. She was 33.

Museo Evita is open Tuesdays through Sundays. The cost is $225 Argentine pesos or about $5 US

That’s the Lowdown.

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