Cafe Azahar, Bogota, Colombia: The Lowdown!

Azahar Cafe sign in the San Felipe neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia
If you want to get an idea of different coffee flavors while in Bogota, then you should visit Azahar Cafe.
The facade of Azahar Cafe in Bogota, Colombia
Its located at Calle 93b #13-91 in the San Felipe neighborhood near Parque 93.
Inside the Azahar Cafe in Bogota, Colombia
It is a very modern looking cafe with room for about 80 patrons who can sit at wooden tables surrounded by a variety of plants. The floor-to-ceiilng windows that surround the cafe provide the opportunity to people watch while you nosh. At the Azahar Cafe, you can try a variety of artesanal sodas and coffees. I tried the Ginger and Chile soda (pictured here). It came served with a slice of fresh lime.
Artesanal Ginger-Chili Soda with a wedge of fresh lime.
But the real reason you should go to Cafe Azahar is to try Colombian Coffee. I recommend you try the Cata de Cafes or a tasting of coffees (seen below).
Cata de Cafe: A Tasting of Coffee
Three small cups of in-season coffee will be served to you on a wooden plank containing three small coffee cups. Each cup is accompanied by a small sign explaining the cafecultor (coffee producer), the area where the coffee is grown and the height at which the coffee is grown — and the price of the coffee, which Cafe Azahar sets based on the New York Stock Market.
Blend Huila Sur: a sign like this one accompanies the coffees that come with your coffee tasting or cata de cafe.
For example, one of samples I tried was the Blend Huila Sur. It is produced by Familias del Sur de Hula in the Departamento de Hula.Their coffee is grown at an altitude of 1600 to 1900 meters (or about 5,250 feet to 6,233 feet).
An arepa served with stringy white cheese (queso blanco) and guacamole.
But there is more to Azahar Cafe than just coffee. You can also have a snack. Check out the arepa. It is a traditional Colombian dish that comes with a corn meal patty — filled with chicken and served with a side of stringy white cheese and guacamole. It was deliciously sublime. It is just enough food for you to eat with coffee for your afternoon snack or “merienda”.
Packages of coffee are available for sale on the shelves of Azahar Cafe.
And make sure that you grab a package of coffee offered for sale on the shelves of Caffee Azahar to share with your loved ones back home! That’s the Lowdown!

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