Asian Bodega Tulum, Tulum, Mexico: The Lowdown!

If you’ve been to Tulum, you know there is quite a culinary scene in the touristic hotel zone. You may have heard of Hartwood where you can try Filete de Robalo . You may have stopped by Arca where you can nosh on Grilled Octopus al Pastor.Or you may have grazed on Salmon with Baby Vegetables at Mina. While these restaurants continue to churn out creative dishes, you may be surprised to find entrepreneurs amplifying the gastronomic offerings in another area of town.
Palma Central is a great place in the town of Tulum to try great food served from a variety of food trucks.
Six nights a week – between 6 and 10pm– you’ll find about 10 food trucks lined around the perimeter of Palma Central.(The park is closed Wednesday evenings). The family-friendly park (complete with a playground for children) is located at Avenida Kukulkan, 6 at the corner of Avenida Xaret. The trucks are helmed, largely, by locals serving a variety of food at affordable prices. You can chow down on affordable crepes, waffles, burgers, pizza and even arepas at rectangular wooden tables. One of the newer food trucks to set up shop at Palma Central is Asian Bodega Tulum.
Asian Bodega Tulum is one of the newest food trucks you will find at the park, Palma Central.
It opened up about a month ago. Asian Bodega Tulum is the brainchild of Julio Ramon and Hunter, who bring experience to their new enterprise having worked in other local restaurants.
To find, Asian Bodega Tulum at Palma Central, just look for their distinctive red sign with black letters.
The food truck, as the name implies, specializes in Asian-inspired street food.
Asian Bodega Tulum offers a menu inspired by the owners’ recent trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Julio Ramon says a recent a trip to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia inspired the idea to start a food truck serving Asian-inspired cuisine.
The chef of Asian Bodega Tulum uses locally sourced, fresh produce.
Dave, a Canadian chef from Toronto, does much of the cooking using fresh, locally-grown produce. Among items on the menu: Thai Red Curry ($140 MXN) , Vegetable Pad Thai ($130 MXN) , Beef Laab ($140 MXN)  and Pork Wontons in Spicy Shrimp Broth ($120 MXN).
Vegetable Pad Thai
We tried Pad Thai with vegetables. It was a delicious filling dish complete with fresh bean sprouts, shredded carrots, peanuts and wedges of lime. The rice-noodles were lightly stir-fried. The dish appeared to be coated in a light pad thai sauce that tasted of fish sauce and tamarind paste.
Beef Laab
Beef Laab came with crumbled, deliciously seasoned ground beef. A side of jasmine rice and lettuce leaves accompanied the beef allowing you to form your own healthy wrap.
Thai Red Curry
The Thai Red Curry was deliciously creamy without being too spic. The sauce featured vivid tastes of coconut milk, ginger and chili peppers. For now, Asian Bodega serves food at Palma Central Monday and Tuesday evenings. However, the owners say they will soon be serving more days. While individual food trucks at Palma Central, don’t serve alcohol, don’t despair. There is an on-site bar where you can purchase all sorts of drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Most food trucks appeared to take cash only. So, make sure you take those Mexican Pesos! That’s the Lowdown! For another great meal in Tulum, try Safari!


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