The Three B Café, Oia, Santorini, Greece: The Lowdown!

The three B’s of the cafes name refer to Burgers, Brunch and Breakfast.
So, if you want a light breakfast, brunch or burger you may want to check out this casual cafe.


There is a small seating area directly in front of the eatery that faces westward. So, if you go in the morning and want to sit in a shady area, sit at one of the raised bistro tables directly in front of the cafe.

Across the street there is a lightly covered area where you can also sit to eat.

I can vouch for brunch.

During brunch, you should order a freshly perked cup of coffee which is rich and full-bodied. You should also try their fresh-squeezed orange juice which is filled with pulp!



I chose the Greek omelette, what else? It comes with delicious feta cheese, olives and tomatoes served with a side of arugula and a slice of peasant bread. It came artfully served on a round, wooden slab with a circle of balsamic vinegar.

For a low-key brunch in Satorini, head to the Three B cafe. It’s definitely worth a try.

That’s the Lowdown!

For a more upscale dining experience in Oia, Santorini, check out The Sphinx Wine Restaurant.

The Sphinx Wine Restaurant, Oia, Santorini, Greece: The Lowdown!


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