Baltimore’s Sagamore Pendry Hotel: The Lowdown!

The facade of The Sagamore Pendry Hotel. 
 Upon entering Baltimore’s Sagamore Pendry Hotel, you are greeted by an elaborate wrought-iron sculpture. The lyrics of the “Star Spangled Banner”, the United States national anthem, are inscribed in the sculpture, a nod to The Clipper City’s rich history. (The poem from which the lyrics stem was written by Francis Scott Key. He was inspired to write the words following the British bombing of Baltimore’s Fort McHenry in 1814 upon seeing a flag flying over the harbor –signaling a victory).
A wrought iron sculpture includes the lyrics of “The Star Spangled Banner”.
The Sagamore Pendry is located at 1715 Thames Street in the city’s Fell’s Point area. It is one of the town’s newest hotels, having opened about a year ago. I visited the 130-room Sagamore Pendry this month as it approached its one year anniversary.
You enter The Pendry via a long, wood-paneled corridor that leads to a reception area.  The hotel receptionist greeted my party warmly and offered a delicious welcome beverage: Apple pomegranate juice with cinnamon –with an option to get it spiked! I chose not to go the alcohol route in the early afternoon.
I took the elevator upstairs to second floor. The elevator walls are covered in tufted, mahogany leather.
Sagamore Pendry Hotel Elevator
Tufted mahogany-covered leather covers the elevator walls.
I stayed in a Room 268, a Superior Harbor King Room with a Chesapeake Bay view and more than 350 square feet of space.
Sagamore Pendry Hotel Harbour View
The Superior Harbor King Room overlooks the Baltimore Harbor
Elegant furnishings made of dark mahogany wood conveyed warmth and coziness –making me feel like I wanted to pull out a cigar — if I smoked. Bed-side tables feature grey marble tops. An ocre-colored arm-chair with tufted leather allows you to sit at a long grey-marble colored desk and plan your day in The Charm City. The king-sized bed allows you to luxuriate in crisp, white “Fili D’Oro” 300 thread-count linens.
Sagamore Pendry King Size Bed Bedroom
The bed features 300 thread-count Fili D’Oro linens.
In the bathroom, the glass-walled shower stall features grey-marble tiles and off-white hexagonal tiled floors.
 To create a mini-spa-like experience, The Sagamore Pendry offers you MiN New York bath products: shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion. But, if you are one of those guests that likes to stock up on hotel bath products, you’re out of luck! The Pendry has “gone green”. Products are dispensed from black recyclable plastic bottles. If the bottles go missing, the hotel will charge the containers to your account.
Sagamore Pendry Plastic Bottles Toiletries
MiN New York bath products come in large, black bottles. If you take them, they will be charged to your account.
If you want your towels replaced, you are asked to leave them on the floor. To save water, your sheets will be changed on the third day of your stay. If you want them changed more frequently, you are asked to leave a card on your bed requesting that they be changed daily.  If you want to take a white bath robe home, it can be yours for $155.
Sagamore Pendry Hotel Robes
A plush white monogrammed robe can be yours for $155.
Before you leave, take a stroll through the Sagamore Pendry’s open-air courtyard.  If you are a fan of the work by the Colombian sculptor, Fernando Botero, you are in luck! You will see a bulbous Botero horse sculpture, characteristic of the sculpture’s work.
Sagamore Pendry Botero Sculpture
A sculpture by Colombian artist Fernando Botero serves as the centerpiece of The Sagamore Pendry courtyard.
While there, take a seat on the wicker rattan patio furniture next to plants that line the pathway while admiring Botero’s work. After that, you’ll want to take a walk through the garden to the open-air patio with an infinity pool. From there, you can get a glorious view of the Baltimore harbor!
Sagamore Pendry Baltimore Infinity Pool

The infinity pool overlooks Baltimore’s Harbor.

For a great hotel stay in Baltimore, check out The Sagamore Pendry.
That’s the Lowdown!
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