Charm’s Thai Kitchen, New York City: The Lowdown!

One of Manhattan’s newest addition’s to the Thai restaurant scene is Charm’s Thai kitchen.
It opened in early September on 8th Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets.
Charms Restaurant Interior New York City
When you walk into Charm’s, it evokes a spa-like urban oasis. The first thing you will notice is the relaxing sound of a waterfall-like fountain’s splashing down a black-and-white tiled wall at the foot of the restaurant.
Walls are lined with horizontal slabs of mahogany wood. It will provide a soothing sensation for the 50-some diners the restaurant accommodates. Dark, mahogany-colored wooden tables for couples or groups of four are surrounded with blonde wood chairs.
Some of restaurant patrons can sit at a white, marble bar on stools where they can partake of a meal or just have some spirits. Bottles of Sriracha decorate the wall behind the bar.
Floor-to-ceiling glass serve as the restaurant’s facade — allowing lots of daylight to flood into the long, rectangular space by day; By night it provides for excellent people watching while you partake of your Thai meal.
Tom Yum Goong Soup Charms New York
You must try the Tom Yum Goong Soup ($6 for a small; $9 for the large). It typically comes with shrimp, green peppers, and mushrooms in a delicious broth. (I substituted chicken for shrimp). The soup came served in an elegant, simple white porcelain bowl.
Green Papaya Salad Charms Restaurant New york City
I also tried the Som Tum Fresh Green Papaya Salad ($10). It came with julienne papaya and carrots, fresh green beans, tomatoes and peanuts.  The salad was lightly tossed with a Thai chili and lime sauce. The refreshing bouquet of flavors will delight your palate.
Charms Restaurant Eggplant and String Bean New York City
As main course, vegetarians will love the Eggplant & String Beans ($11).  The dish was lightly stir-fried without being overcooked.  The dish tasted of a wonderful melange of flavors including red peppers, onion and basil in a sweet chili sauce that made the dish fragant.
Bang Bang Bangkok Chicken Charms New york City Restaurant
If you want a more substantial dish, try the Bang Bang Bangkok Chicken ($16). It was lightly battered and lightly fried, with a sauce of curry, peanut, chili and coconut. It came with a medley of lightly sauteed vegetables served with a side of jasmine rice.
Charms Restaurant New York City Thai Iced Tea
Wash it all down with the quintessential Thai drink: Thai iced tea. It came served in a Mason Jar with loads of ice that tasted of black tea, cardamom, cloves and sweetened condensed milk!
That’s the Lowdown!
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