Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong


If you want to check out one of the most tranquil islands near Hong Kong, take a quick trip to one place: Cheung Chau Island.

No cars are allowed on the 1.5 mile-long island that serves as home to about 20,000 year-round inhabitants. The only way to arrive to the dumbbell-shaped island is via ferry.

You can catch the fast ferry for a 35 minute ride from Pier 5 in the Central Neighborhood. Ferries depart twice an hour.

The town harbor, where you will arrive, is quite an active place. It is lined with various shops and restaurants where you can get super-fresh seafood for a relatively low price


Upon arrival, you will see various maps that will help orient you to the island if you need direction or suggestions of places to visit.

Arguably the most well-known tourist attraction on Cheung Chau island is the Pak Tai Temple, dedicated to the God of the sea. The temple (pictured below) was built in the 1783 and has been renovated to preserve original features.

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