Lisbon’s Restaurante Eleven: The Lowdown!

If you visit Lisbon, treat yourself to a meal at Restaurante Eleven.


Ample over-sized windows give the 50-seat restaurant an open-airy feeling. Upon entering, you will see a built-in floor-to-ceiling shelf jam-packed with wine bottles. A wall of windows overlooks the Jardim Amalia Rodrigues –imparting the dining room’s expansive feeling. Through the windows you view Lisbon’s skyline and the Tagus River.

When it comes to restaurant decor, it doesn’t get more elegant than Eleven: Wood-paneled walls stretch from floor-to-ceiling. Contemporary art provides a modern touch. White linen covers tables. Diners sit in modern eggshell blue or cream-colored leather chairs. Small black vases with miniature flowers provide a decorative touch without distracting diners.

Waiter Frederico Figueiredo offers diners a choice of fresh breads

At Eleven, you’ll be offered a choice of four fresh breads — including olive, cereal, white bread (a typical Portuguese roll) and Laugenbroetchen, German pretzel bread. It may be unexpected but makes sense given that German-born Joachim Koerper reigns over the Michelin-starred restaurant’s menu.

Staff serve courses with the precision of German trains running on time.

Two waiters appear simultaneously to clear away show plates. Then, they reappear to present an amuse bouche: shrimp tartar, seasoned with a wasabi, pistachio, and cucumber sauce and lobster foam emulsion.

IMG_3411 (1)
Shrimp tartare seasoned with wasabi, pistachio and cucumber sauce and lobster foam emulsion




Braised tuna with mixed herbs and miso cream served on a bed of millet
Moments after completing the shrimp tartare, waiters reappear with a second amuse bouche. Braised tuna came seasoned with mixed herbs and an unexpected Asian touch: miso cream served atop millet.
Gold Bar Duck Foie Gras with an orange, rum and soy sauce emulsion


If you aren’t sure what to try, opt for the Atlantic Menu.It offers two appetizers.You start with the Gold Bar, duck foie-gras accompanied by an emulsion created from orange, rum and soy sauce. A pulverized powder imparts the golden color without affecting the foie-gras’s rich, buttery taste or smooth texture.
Tomato and parsely emulsion with olive oil and lobster
A light and refreshing tomato and parsley emulsion with olive oil and lobster followed the foie-gras.
Confitted Codfish with sweet potato and coconut
For a main, fish lovers can’t go wrong with the Confitted Codfish with sweet potato and coconut.The melt-in-your-mouth tender codfish delighted the palate.
A glass of white Casal Santa Maria wine which was light and airy helped wash it all down.
If you are more of a meat eater, the Atlantic menu offers you the Angus Rib option served with a pea puree and potato gnocchi. The meat was juicy and tender.
A selection of cheeses follows the Atlantic menu entree. The goat  and the cow cheeses were among the tastiest on the cheese plate that come served with an apricot and splash of pumpkin jam with Rosemary sprig.
pana cotta
A rum-confitted pineapple and coconut textured-sphere followed. Pina colada ice cream accompanied the sphere. The dessert provided a nice, light sweet touch to a multiple-course meal.
IMG_3426 (1)
Chocolate panna cotta with passion fruit


As if the dessert were not enough, the Atlantic Menu offers a mignardise,  a sweet served with coffee after  the primary dessert. The rich, smooth, creamy chocolate panna  cotta with passion fruit sorbet provided a perfect coda to a delicious meal. The citrusy passion fruit sorbet provided the perfect counterpoint to the creamy chocolate.
Based on an a scale of one to ten, this restaurant gets one score: Eleven!
Restaurante Eleven is located at Rua Marques do Fronteira in the Eduardo Seventh Park surrounded by the Jardim Amalia Rodrigues.
That’s the Lowdown!
To learn more about a classic staple on Lisbon’s restaurant scene, check out this link:




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