Lisbon’s Highest Miradouro: The Lowdown

If you go to Lisbon, you must check out the view points or Miradouros (in Portugese). The word literally means view of gold.  Lisbon is a coastal city in Portugal said to be the City of Seven Hills. That makes for great places to look out over the city.
The video you see here shows you what innumerable tourists from around the world and city residents see when they visit the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. It is the highest point in Lisbon.

From the Miradouro you look out over tiled rooftops of the city. You can see the castle of Sao Jorge and the Christ the King statue in the distance.

There is a statue of the Virgin Mary Senhora do Monte at the miradouro. She appears to be  looking out over the city and blessing all who visit  her mountain.

A statue of the Senhora do Monte, the Lady of the Mountain, at the Miradouro looks out over the city.


There is also a mural that helps you identify the buildings you see from the “view of gold.”

A mural at the miradouro helps you to identify buildings you see in the city.


That’s the Lowdown.


One thought on “Lisbon’s Highest Miradouro: The Lowdown

  1. I am glad you went, What about the zoo and the aquarium? Where do you going shopping? How far is everything from the airport?


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