Marco Rubio Bows Out: The Lowdown

Marco Rubio bows out of his run for the Republican presidential nomination



The Republican presidential hopeful field has whittled down to three after Marco Rubio bowed out Tuesday night.


The Florida Senator announced his campaign’s suspension about an hour after polls closed at 7pm (EST).

More than two million voters  — including fellow blogger, the Resident Legal Diva, — turned out to cast votes in Florida. Returns showed Donald Trump had about a 30-point lead over Rubio, making Trump the projected winner. Results placed Senator Ted Cruz in third place .

(Other primaries were held Tuesday in North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri.)

Rubio delivered his speech to a crowd of supporters whom he said couldn’t have done more. He tried to show that he remained optimistic about the United States’ prospects:

“We are a hopeful people and we have every right to be hopeful. For we in this country are the descendants of go-getters, ” Rubio said. “We are the descendants of slaves who overcame that horrible institution to take their stake in the American dream.”

In closing Rubio said this: “May God always bless and strengthen this great nation, the United Sates of America.”

Three presidential hopefuls remain in the race for the Republican nomination: Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor Ted Kasich.

Who will you vote for? Let me know.

That’s the Lowdown!


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