The Lowdown on  the Conviction of a Sexual Predator in the Bronx:

A 35-year old man will spend 25 years to life behind bars for raping his girlfriend’s daughter.

The Bronx District Attorney’s office this week announced the conviction of Virgilio “David” Ocampo (seen above in a Department of Corrections photo) . The conviction follows a three-week long trial. The jury found Ocampo guilty of felony charges — including predatory sexual assault against a child and use of a child in sexual performance.

Ocampo was arrested in December of last year. Prosecutors says the girl’s mother looked through Ocampo’s cell phone and saw he had videotaped himself inserting his penis into his then six year-old girlfriend’s daughter’s vagina.

Supreme Court Justice Margaret Clancy sentenced Ocampo to the maximum possible number of years.

She said, “The defendant has shown no remorse. In statements, he blamed the child saying she came on to him.”

That’s the Lowdown.



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